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Last update: 10/01/2018
Quick Report Systems Inc. collects information in order to perform the services they offer. Below you will find what information we collect, how we store it, what we use it for and, in the case of some services, who else has access. This includes a link to their respective privacy policies.

Company Sign Up Information
  1. Contact Details
    • We collect this information in order to identify your company and contact person
    • We will send newsletters to the Admin email. You may choose, however, unsubscribe from the emails by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletters
  2. Payment Details
    • We collect this information in order to facilitate your payment for the software.
    • This information is never seen or accessible to our staff and is transmitted securely directly from your device to Stripe.
    • Stripe is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant service provider. This means they have the highest levels of security to store credit card information.
    • For information on Stripe's Privacy policy, please go here:

User Information
In order to access our systems, a user account will be created for you. This account will contain, at minimum, your name and email address. Depending on your role, Client or Staff, and the information your Company collects, additional information may be stored. This information is only to facilitate use of the system by both service provider and client. Such information may contain but is not limited to:

Location Information
In order to provide effective proof that home watch staff actually attended your site at the time of the scheduled home watch, we need the address and location of your site. To get your GPS co-ordinance we provide the entered information to Google Maps. This information may also be used to provide directions to your site location through Google Maps. (Policy here: ).

Each site will have at least one checklist. This checklist may contain personal information about the work to be performed at that location. This information is used only by the service provider staff and to display the report of the work performed.

In order to document times that reports are made, we collect information about the time the report is started, completed, and when it arrives at our servers. The service provider may also scheduled work for their staff.

Reports produced by our system may contain personal information entered either into the checklist or by the service provider staff who reported on your site. This information is only used to provide information to the service provider and to the owner of the site.

In order to properly invoice you, the service provider may enter personal information.

Payment System
In order to process credit card payments, service providers may sign up for our Stripe Connect Payment Portal. This allows invoices to be paid directly though our system. All personal information collected and used by this service is transmitted directly to Stripe. For information on Stripe's privacy policy please go here:

QuickBooks Integration
Service providers may use the QuickBooks accounting system, and may have connected it to our software. If this is the case, invoices, payments, and refunds through the invoicing system of our software will be transmitted to QuickBooks. For information on QuickBooks privacy policy please go here:

Help System
In order to provide an effective in-software help system, we provide limited information to the Appcues System. This information currently includes:

Support System
In order to provide you with an effective support experience, we use the Freshdesk service. All information entered into the support system is transmitted to their service. For more information on their privacy policy please go here

Weather information
In order to retrieve information about the weather at a specific location, we use Dark Sky. We only provide the GPS location. For more information, go to their privacy policy here:

Analytics information
In order to improve our Service to you, we collect anonymized information about the usage of the system. This information does not contain any personally identifiable data.

Hosting Providers
In order to provide our system, we use a trusted third party host company to provide our infrastructure. As such, they have access to information stored on their infrastructure. At the current time these are:
In order to provide an effective service our system makes use of cookies, small files created for us by your web browser. Additional functionalities may increase cookie use. These cookies allow us to:
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