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All plans include: Unlimited Users, Reports, Time Tracking, Work Types, Storage, Clients & Email

Pay monthly with no commitment and only for what you use. Enjoy the benefits of increasingly cheaper QRIDs as you grow your business!

Our simple pricing is comprised of a fixed admin fee of $50 USD/Month or $60 CAD/Month plus a usage amount based on the number of QRIDs you use.

As an added bonus we offer you our FREE Client Intro Video to add to your website and to show to your existing and potential clients.

This has been proven to not only attract new clients but in our latest survey it has allowed users of QRIDit to close the deal up to 75% of the time between getting the job and not!

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1 - 3


4 - 50
$2.15 USD/QRID/Month


51 - 250
$1.70 USD/QRID/Month


251 - 350
$1.50 USD/QRID/Month

Corporate Plus

351 - 9999
$1.30 USD/QRID/Month

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* For higher numbers of QRIDs, custom plans are available.

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All plans come with a free 30 day trial period. Your credit card will not be billed until your trial period has expired.
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